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  • Leonardo de Knegt (Visiting researcher)

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Secondment to the Coordination of Foodborne Diseases and Zoonoses (FOS/WHO): Call for expressions of interest and selection of countries to conduct a national burden of foodborne diseases study

Foodborne diseases (FBDs) are a growing public health problem worldwide, encompassing a broad range of illnesses. Data from surveillance systems and sentinel sites indicate a high disease burden for FBDs. Such data, however, tend to show only the tip of the iceberg, and refer mostly to diseases caused by microorganisms, not including chemical contaminants or parasites. In order to address this data gap, WHO established the Food Disease Burden Epidemiology Reference Group (FERG) which is mandated to estimate the global burden of foodborne diseases. In addition to global systematic reviews on individual foodborne hazards, WHO FERG is launching a first round of burden of disease studies at the country level. This is done through the FERG's Country Study Task Force which is developing protocols for national burden of disease studies as well as policy situation analyses.
Period1 Jul 201031 Dec 2010
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