Workshop 2: Biotracer (part of SafePork 2011)

Charlotta Löfström (Organizer)

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Biotraceability is the ability to use down stream information to point to materials, processes or actions within a particular food chain that can be identified as the source of undesirable agents. BIOTRACER is an Integrated Project within the European Union 6th Framework Programme under the European Research area of Food Quality and Safety ( The project started in 2007, and will close in December 2011. The objective of BIOTRACER is to create tools and models for the improvement of tracing accidental and deliberate microbial contamination of feed and food. Different results of this project from feed and pork production with respect to biotracing of Salmonella will be presented during the conference. The workshop: Targeted audience: Applied scientists with an interest in safety management of food production chains (methodology development in sampling, sample analysis and risk analysis) Scope: Show how valuable data generation can contribute to faster and more reliable biotracing of Salmonella within a slaughter house. Show how a modelling approach can contribute to this improved biotracing. In the workshop detailed information will be presented about the developed methods for the pork slaughter chain, like the construction of a model for biotracing Salmonella in this chain based on quantitative monitoring data, the set-up of a sampling scheme to generate data for the model, data analysis and the practical use of the model. Participants will in this workshop practice with simple biotracing models.
Period19 Jun 2011
Event typeWorkshop
LocationMaastricht, Netherlands