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  • Milena Vujovic (Visiting researcher)

Activity: Visiting an external institutionVisiting another research institution


External stay during PhD studies in the group of Prof. Benny Chain at UCL, London. Prof. Chain has vast experience in development of novel tools for analysis of T cell receptors and T cell repertoires. My PhD research was closely aligned with Prof. Chains research interests in terms of immune classification (disease status, prediction of outcome etc) based on the status of individual T cell repertoires. The purpose of the research stay was to apply some of the novel skills developed during Prof. Chains T cell research efforts and combine them with the methods developed at DTU during my PhD studies. The research stay had multiple goals, including research and personal development. Prof. Chain's group is a distinguished research group in the field and I was honoured to participate in the group dynamics for the months of my external research stay.
PeriodJan 2020Mar 2020
VisitingUniversity College London