Transformations: Installation Ceramics that Question Renewal

  • Anja Margrethe Bache (Participant)

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Transformations: Installation Ceramics that Question Renewal

At the exhibition TRANSFORMATIONS Grønbechs Gård, I examine what occurs when I juxtapose different areas of examination as a platform for my artistic work and display it as site-specific installation art.

The areas of examination that interest me are the town where the exhibition takes place, Hasle. It is its infrastructure, buildings, topology as well as the urban renewal that has taken place during the last four years, starting in 2009, where architects have attempted to connect the harbour with the town.
Furthermore, I am interested in the building technique of the buildings of the town of Hasle with its black, timbered structures and tiles in the form of boards, as well as Bornholm in general as the hub of Danish ceramic crafts and training of new ceramists.

How does urban renewal happen in a place such as this? How is a timbered house renewed when it requires an extra layer of insulation and upon that yet another façade, a mounted façade? How can ceramics be told of through the buildings, but also the urban space in general, and how can it be be incorporated as a narrative, which installation-wise affects and renews the whole area by referencing its previous history?

At the exhibition, I am not looking for the answers, but rather trying to get better at questioning.

Philosophy means reframing the same basic questions that have occupied thought since the antiquity. Not in the hopes of finding definitive answers, but rather in the hopes of questioning better than before. (Jørgensen, 2008, p. 193)

In terms of method, I take my starting point in architecture and its registration methodology, including in particular its sketching, use of overlayering techniques, and its drawing methods. I let the specific ceramic glazed concrete I have developed (Bache 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014) represent this new approach to ceramics. This is ceramics based in concrete and referencing concrete building, modular building design, and prefabrication, which are concepts that regularly are part of current urban renewal. (A book about this ceramic concrete and its artistic search is forthcoming from Polyteknisk Forlag, March, 2014)

This exhibition is part of a trilogy of exhibitions that begun with the ceramic sketch as ceramic spaces at Gallery Oxholm, “Ornamental Play” in December, 2013. The exhibition TRANSFORMATIONS at Grønbechs Gård, April 2014, is the second one of these exhibitions and the third exhibition will take place at Officinet, Copenhagen, October, 2014. These are all exhibitions that examine ceramic as space.

The artist and materialresearcher:: ANJA MARGRETHE BACHE Associate Professor, Technical University of Denmark, Dept. of Civil Engineering, Building Design Artist from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts PhD in Architecture from Aarhus School of Architecture Master of Science Engineer from DTU
Event typeExhibition
LocationHasle, Denmark


  • Art
  • Architecture
  • Ceramic Glazed Concrete
  • Renovation