Towards sustainable energy: Hydrogen production from biomass

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There is interest in developing alternative energy networks to the current fossil-based system. Some of the more promising emerging alternatives use hydrogen as the energy carrier. Hence, for these method to become viable we need to develop cost-efficient and sustainable techniques for the production of hydrogen.

Here, we present our latest findings in hydrogen production from biomass rich in alcohol units by use of homogeneous catalysis and relatively mild conditions. The biomass substrates include e.g. bioethanol, glycerol, and carbohydrates. Activities with unprecedented turnovers per hour will be presented.

On top of producing hydrogen from organic substances, it is theoretically possible to concurrently form valuable organic product. A single practical example of this will be presented as well.

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Event title246th ACS National Meeting & Exposition
Event typeConference
Conference number246
LocationIndianapolis, Indiana, United States