The Human Brain Project - how robotics can exploit brain science

  • Marie Claire Capolei (Invited speaker)
  • Carlos Corchado Miralles (Invited speaker)

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    The Human Brain Project is a 10-years European Flagship project, which aims to map the human brain and create an ICT-based research infrastructure that can be used by researchers world-wide. More than 100 research institutions are involved in the project. At DTU we aim to achieve a better understanding of the body and brain relationship, and its importance on AI and robotics. This will be exemplified by a bio-mimetic modular control architecture based on a modular cerebellar learning concept, machine learning optimization, and on traditional adaptive feedback control. This leads to benefit both robotics and brain science. The first thanks to a real-time control system that is capable of learning how to perform physical tasks and of adapting to changing conditions, and the second by providing new insights into the modular structure of the cerebellum, and its involvement in processing the sensory input for motor control tasks.
    Period19 Mar 2018
    Held atSelskabet for Naturlærens Udbredelsen, Denmark
    Degree of RecognitionNational


    • robotics
    • neurorobotics
    • artificial intelligence