Talk in the Information Security group at ETH Zurich

  • Anders Schlichtkrull (Participant)

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IsaFoL - An Isabelle Formalization of Logic

Abstract: IsaFoL is the Isabelle Formalization of Logic, a project that
aims to develop libraries of lemmas and methods for formalizing research
on logic. The project contains formalizations of several logics and
tools. Examples are: first-order resolution, a first-order proof
assistant and a paraconsistent logic. I give an overview of
IsaFoL and go into details on the formalization of first-order resolution.

Talk "IsaFoL - An Isabelle Formalization of Logic" in the Information Security Group group of the Department of Computer Science of ETH Zurich
Period2 Apr 2019
Event typeOther
LocationZurich, SwitzerlandShow on map