Tailoring a starter culture for a plant-based dairy alternative from a side-stream

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In 2019, researchers from the DTU Food Institute set out to investigate whether it was possible to produce a vegetable alternative to yoghurt based on Brewer’s Spent Grains (BSG), in Danish called mash. In the project, a large collection of plant-isolated lactic acid bacteria was fully sequenced and screened. Eight lactic acid bacteria were selected and further examined for optimal acidification rate and final pH. The selected strains were used to make a starter culture that was used to produce a prototype. We were able to produce a plant-based product that had a yogurt-like texture, high amounts of classic yogurt flavors, as well as shelf life in the final product. The project will be continued in 2020.
Period8 Sept 2020
Event titlePlantebaserede produkter på mejerierne - muligheder og begrænsninger
Event typeSeminar
LocationBillund, DenmarkShow on map
Degree of RecognitionRegional