Sustainable Development and Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMA): Examining Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) approaches which might be suitable to assess the SD impact of NAMA projects.: Master thesis by Bodil Jacobsen

  • Karen Holm Olsen (Supervisor)

    Activity: Examinations and supervisionExamination


    1.Assess the level of national ownership and country-driven approach into the MRV process. As the NAMA in general emerge from a country-driven and bottom up approach (motivating national ownerships and ‘appropriate actions’) it would be interesting to assess the level of ownership into the NAMA more broadly but specificly around the MRV process. There is a CDM Sustainable Development Tool, developed on behalf of the UNFCCC secretariat in 2012, which is voluntary for countries to use in regard to monitoring and reporting on NAMAs, however it is up to each individual country to come up with ’domestic’ MRV systems leaning upon international guidelines. To date, however, there not been any mainstream methods developed for the MRV to assess SD impact of NAMAs. This dissertation could look at international guidelines on M&E e.g. from the development sector and asses how these might support measurement of SD evolving from NAMA projects, which again can feed into the MRV process.

    Supervisor for intern at URC - master student.
    Period2 Jan 201415 Sept 2014
    Examination held at
    • SOAS University of London