Supercontinuum generation in amorphous TiO2 waveguides

  • Gaoyuan Li (Speaker)
  • Zheng, Y. (Other)
  • Xiaowei Guan (Other)
  • Meicheng Fu (Other)
  • Jepsen, P. U. (Other)
  • Lars Hagedorn Frandsen (Other)

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Amorphous titanium dioxide (TiO2) waveguides, thanks to the high linear and nonlinear RIs, low loss, TPA-free bandgap in near infrared and a broad transparency window of TiO2 material, evolve as a promising platform for nonlinear processes including key ones like the supercontinuum generation (SCG).We present the supercontinuum generation in an amorphous TiO2 waveguide. A broadened spectrum of 809nm (from 938nm to 1750nm) measured at -30 dB relative to the peak of the spectrum, is generated by a 100 fs pulse train centered at 1555nm. Meanwhile, nonlinear absorption has not shown with the maximum injected peak power of 2.14 kW. These show the amorphous TiO2 waveguide a quite promising platform for nonlinear applications.
Period21 Oct 2019
Event titleSPIE Photonics Asia
Event typeConference
LocationHangzhou, ChinaShow on map


  • Titanium dioxide waveguides, Supercontinuum generation, Nonlinear integrated optics