Sample-based Reporting of Official National Control of Veterinary Drug Residues

Andersen, J. H. (Speaker)

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Presently, all Member States (MSs) of the European Union are obliged to report their monitoring results for veterinary drug residues and other substances in live animals and animal products according to Council Directive 96/23/EC through the Sanco Residues web-site for monitoring plans and results.
Since only aggregated results are reported, and no concentration values for findings can be reported, the format does not allow for elaborate statistical analyses and is of limited value for quantitative exposure and risk assessments.
The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has received a mandate from the European Commission to further develop the EFSA Standard Sample Description data model (SSD) that has been used for sample-based reporting of pesticide residues and a range of other chemical occurrences.
A pilot project has been launched with participants from eleven MSs for parallel reporting of monitoring results from 2015 to the Sanco application as well as to an enhanced version of the SSD (SSD2). The challenges that face the pilot participants include provisions for categorised sample information, specific method performance data, result evaluation and follow-up actions.
Experience gained through the reporting of monitoring data from Denmark will be presented.
Period24 May 2013
Event titleEuroResidue VIII, Egmond aan Z1ee
Event typeConference
LocationEgmond aan Zee, Netherlands


  • EFSA, data collection