Ryan Jørgensen, Modal analysis of a multirotor wind turbine, Master project

  • Rinker, J. (Main supervisor)
  • Ozan Gözcü (Supervisor)

    Activity: Examinations and supervisionSupervisor activities


    This master project analyses the dynamics of a wind turbine with multiple rotors that are operating at different rotor speeds. As a baseline for the project, modal analysis is performed on a simplified two-rotor system, and the mode shapes are examined for synchronous and asynchronous rotors. A HAWC2 model of the two-rotor system is constructed and the response is analysed and compared to the linear model. Potential project expansions include (1) an analysis of the system when a cable connects the two rotors and (2) the inclusion of aerodynamic forces in the system.
    Period31 Jan 202230 Jun 2022