Reversible Operation using Carbonaceous Gasses of a 30-cell Solid Oxide Cell Stack

  • Søren Højgaard Jensen (Guest lecturer)
  • Hendrik Langnickel (Guest lecturer)
  • Nils Hintzen (Other)
  • Chen, M. (Guest lecturer)
  • Sun, X. (Guest lecturer)
  • Anne Hauch (Guest lecturer)
  • Giacomo Butera (Guest lecturer)
  • Clausen, L. R. (Guest lecturer)

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Recent theoretical studies show that reversible
electrochemical conversion of H2O and CO2 to CH4 inside novel
pressurized solid oxide cells (SOCs) combined with subsurface
storage of the produced gasses can facilitate seasonal electricity
storage with a round-trip efficiency 70-80% and a storage cost
below 3 ¢/kWh. Here we show test results from a 30-cell SOC
stack operated with carbonaceous gasses at 18.7 bar at 700 °C in
both electrolysis and fuel cell mode. The GC data from the
electrolysis test results show 18% methane in the dry outlet gas,
i.e. substantial methane formation inside the SOC stack. Further
we observed degradation rates comparable to that of ambient
pressure operation with H2/H2O gas mixtures.
Period12 Dec 201715 Dec 2017
Event title7th European Fuel Cell Technology & Applications
Event typeConference
Conference number7
LocationNaples, ItalyShow on map


  • SOC
  • Pressure
  • Effiency
  • Storage