Processing of advanced porous materials for energy & environmental applications

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Advanced porous materials and structures are used in different energy and environmental applications, such as in gas separation & storage, air filtration, energy conversion & storage or water treatment. The choice of materials and smart structuring into multilayer or into hierarchical porous structures is crucial to achieve high performance in gas separation and storage. Here, we report the processing of of hierarchical porous materials for use in oxygen separation membranes and upgrading & storage of biogas in swing adsorption processes. The fabrication of planar or tubular asymmetric OTMs at DTU Energy is based on the optimization of the shaping of support, membrane and catalytic layers, their multi-layering and co-firing to achieve membranes with improved microstructures and performance. Examples for the optimization of these processes include the use of of sacrificial templates (pore former) in extrusion, phase inversion tape casting4 and optical dilatometry. The upgrading of biogas, which is the separation of CO2 from CH4, and the subsequent storage of biomethane can be achieved by swing adsorption processes. New concepts for the structuring of zeolites5 and metal organic frameworks (MOFs) into hierarchical porous nanofiber structures have been evaluated, utilizing electrospinning and in-situ growth techniques. Correlations between the processing, the microstructure of the resulting hierarchical porous structures and some key performance parameters, such as compression strength, CO2 and CH4 uptake, selectivity and mass transfer properties will be presented.
Period30 Apr 2019
Event titleAnnual Meeting of the German Ceramic Society
Event typeConference
LocationJuelich, Germany, North Rhine-WestphaliaShow on map
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  • Metal organic frameworks
  • Nanofiber
  • Electrospinning
  • Membranes
  • Gas separation
  • gas storage
  • material design
  • porous ceramics