Ornamental Play 1: The Meeting as Ceramic Sketch, Ceramic Spaces

  • Anja Margrethe Bache (Participant)

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Ornamental Play 1: The Meeting as Ceramic Sketch, Ceramic Spaces

The meeting as ceramic sketch, ceramic spaces
In the years 2009-2013, I developed specific ceramic glazed concrete in a project sponsored by The Realdania Foundation and in my role as associate professor at DTU BYG, the section of Architectural Engineering. I did this by synthesizing material and process technology as well as art, design, and architecture and also by combining technical research and artistic research with practice.
In this project as well as in my interdisciplinary work in general, I develop art that interrogates the world that surrounds it, hereby acquiring factual and explicit knowledge, including the tacit knowledge we acquire by acting, and experiencing through both our senses and emotions.
The exhibition at Gallery Oxholm consists of a meeting between my works of specific ceramic glazed concrete that arise from architecture and approaches installation art, as well as the craft works of ceramic artist Ane-Katrine von Bülow. Here, I display ceramics based on concrete created at the Danish Art Workshops during 2013 as well as pegs painted grey that form a ceramic sketch, which overtly and curiously, but also being integrated into the ornamental structures, interrogates the ceramic spaces when encountering Gallery Oxholm and Ane-Katrine von Bülow triangular and decorated pots.

Artist-Material Scientist and Building Componentdesigner, Posing Questions with the Art
Event typeExhibition
LocationFrederiksberg, Denmark


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  • Craft
  • Architecture
  • Installationart
  • Ceramic Glazed Concrete