Optimization model for transportation fuels and SNG production from renewable sources in Denmark: Master Thesis Alessia Elia

  • Allan Schrøder Pedersen (Supervisor)

Activity: Examinations and supervisionSupervisor activities


The purpose of this Master Thesis was to create an optimization tool for the analysis of fuels production for transportation and SNG1 for residential and industrial sectors using renewable energy. The system analyzed is mainly focused on the possible paths to obtain fuels using biomass and hydrogen (produced using electrolysis) as input and all the connections to combine these resources and energy vector in the best way. After a brief introduction and theoretical presentation, in chapter 3 the system analyzed is explained and the model is developed. In Chapter 4 the data and values adopted in the model are presented. The model is designed to minimize the breakeven cost of the system satisfying the energy demand. Finally, a wide category of scenarios were run, each distinguished by different choices of energy demand or technology processes. In the end, some of these scenarios were performed in sensitivity analyses regarding the amount of energy resources, their price, and the obligations of production using certain pathways. The model gives the possibility to investigate different parameters but results obtained were mainly focused about the amount of energy inputs consumed and the break-even cost. For each analysis the solver computes a meaningful solution which suggests different combination of energy inputs and technology to use.
Period1 Nov 20141 Jul 2015
Examination held at
  • Polytechnic University of Turin