On the optimal energy integration and lifetime of solid oxide cells: Towards a wholistic multi-scale optimization approach

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Solid oxide cells (SOCs) are the technological frontier of energy conversion, allowing a highly efficient interchange between chemical energy and electricity. However, the efficiency of systems employing SOCs significantly depends on the integration of heat. Furthermore, operational strategies and plant design are strongly connected with the overall lifetime of the stacks and cells. Thus, it is necessary an overall holistic optimization connecting operation with local degradations throughout multi-scale modeling. In this work, a linear optimization problem in conjunction with multi-scale modeling is proposed as a method to solve this problem. For instance, details of temperature and composition distribution can be used to pinpoint overpotential losses to different physical phenomena in local points of the stacks. Moreover, the influence of operational parameters and system design in the degradation of stacks can be assessed and optimized in order to maximize the equipment lifetime. A number of different applications of this mathematical technique are presented in order to illustrate the different insights that this state-of-the-art method can provide. In addition, the inclusion of dynamic operation and degradation effects are proposed as the next steps towards a wholistic optimization approach.
Period22 Jan 202327 Jan 2023
Event title47th International Conference and Expo on Advanced Ceramics and Composites
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