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  • Pedro Alvim De Azevedo Santos (Visiting researcher)

    Activity: Visiting an external institutionVisiting another research institution


    My PhD project external research stay has performed at CENER, located in Pamplona, Spain, between April-July/2019. During the stay I was involved in the conclusion of a full-scale experiment in a complex and large-scale site. The Alaiz Experiment, with ALEX17 as acronym, was a collaboration between different institutions, having CENER as the host, since the site is located in the same city and also contains their wind turbine test site. ALEX17 was performed between July/2018 and July/2019.
    Hence, a stay in CENER had a clear motivation to conclude the experimental campaign with a closer contact with the team of researchers that gave support in the data collection, so the last steps of data processing and reporting could be performed. Also, CENER is involved in numerical modelling, where one of the planned activities was to conduct benchmarks of the experimental data with a chain of meso-to-micro scale numerical models. CENER also has experience with the site-specific features of the experiment site in Pamplona, so I also had an opportunity to exchange a great amount of knowledge.
    In summary, this external stay had the main goals of deepening my experimental results with a better understanding of the site and combine the measurements with numerical models.
    Period1 Apr 201931 Jul 2019
    VisitingNational Renewable Energy Center


    • Alaiz
    • WindScanner
    • Complex terrain
    • Lidar
    • Experimental Study