International High-Power Laser Ablation Conference ( HPLA): [invited]

  • Jørgen Schou (Speaker)

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    The expansion of a plume in a background gas of pressure comparable to that used in pulsed laser deposition (PLD) has been analyzed in terms of the model of Predtechensky and Mayorov (PM). This approach gives a relatively clear and simple description of the essential hydrodynamics during the expansion. The model also leads to an insightful treatment of the stopping behavior in dimensionless units for plumes and background gases of different atomic/molecular masses. The energetics of the plume dynamics can also be treated with this model. Experimental time-of-flight data of silver ions in a neon background gas show a fair agreement with predictions from the PM-model. Finally we discuss the validity of the model, if the work done by the pressure of the background gas is neglected.
    Place: Santa Fe, USA
    Period18 Apr 201022 Apr 2010
    Held atUnknown


    • laser ablation
    • laser plasma
    • shock wave
    • pulsed laser deposition
    • PLD