Influence of speed and sea state on the fuel consumption of containerships

  • Amandine Marie Clémence Godet (Guest lecturer)

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In recent years, international shipping has received considerable attention with regard to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions. Ship operators deploy technical and operational measures to improve the energy efficiency of existing ships in the short term. However, external factors, especially weather and sea conditions, cause additional fuel consumption. Waves, wind, and currents have varying effects on ships' fuel consumption, depending on the ship type and the severity of the sea state. A sea margin of 15% is generally adopted.

The work aims to investigate the effect of the sea state and weather conditions on the fuel consumption of containerships. Operational data from two sister containerships, sailing in different routes, serve the analysis in this work. The data consists of noon reports produced by the two ships over two years. We use statistical techniques to estimate the influence of speed and weather conditions on the main engine power.

In addition to the speed and weather conditions (wave, swell, wind, and current), the analysis investigates several explanatory variables covered by the noon reports, namely draught, trim, loading conditions. The investigation also concerns the impact of voyage and route, as well as time. The analysis results are expected to discuss the sea margin and assess the ship’s energy efficiency in operational conditions free from the impact of external factors such as weather and sea state.
Period3 Nov 2021
Event titleInternational Conference on Postgraduate Research in Maritime Technology 2021
Event typeConference