Influence of sea surface conditions and wind farm wakes on wind power production

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    The number of offshore wind farms is increasing both in Denmark and globally. In a wind farm, the wakes of individual turbines add up to a "wind farm wake" (WFW). The WFW will affect the power production of a downstream wind farm, especially as the farms are being build more closely together. Since those WFW are highly variable in space and time, a dynamical modelling system is required to better understand their interaction with the marine environment (waves, SST) and ultimately their influence on the power production. To develop and apply this modelling system is the aim of the ForskEL funded project "OffshoreWake" ( In this presentation, I will give an overview on the project and discuss the some latest results, regarding both the interactions of waves with wind farm wakes and the influence of WFW on the danish power system.
    Period14 Dec 2020
    Event titleDansk Meteorologisk Selskab Meeting: Christmas meeting
    Event typeSeminar