Gust and rain detection for lidar assited control

Hannesdóttir, Á. (Speaker), Albert Meseguer Urban (Other), Nikolaos Kouris (Other), Filip Spasov (Other), Anna-Maria Tilg (Other), Hasager, C. B. (Other), Larsen, G. C. (Other), Lio, A. W. H. (Other), Antoine Larvol (Other)

Activity: Talks and presentationsConference presentations


In the project “Lidar-assisted control for reliability improvement” (LICOREIM) the main objective is to demonstrate lidar-assisted control strategies that lead to increased lifetime of wind turbine components and decreased operation and maintenance cost.
Numerous lidar assisted control algorithms have been proposed in the literature (e.g. Harris et al. 2006; Dunne et al. 2012; Kumar et al. 2015). However, in LICOREIM we aim to develop new concept for control strategies which can be used for both the retro-fit market, with minor controller modifications, and classic lidar-assisted control. The Lidars used in this project are manufactured by Windar Photonics offering a robust cost-effective continuous wave system.
Period26 May 2021
Event titleWind Energy Science Conference 2021: null
Event typeConference
LocationHannover, Germany, Lower Saxony