Finite Element Modeling and Process Performance of Micro End‐Milling of Aluminum 6082‐T6

Ali Davoudinejad (Speaker)

Activity: Talks and presentationsConference presentations


This study investigates the micro end‐milling process by using a 3D finite element modeling (3D FEM) approach. The FE model is developed for contouring up‐milling operation to predict chip flow, burr formation and cutting forces. Different cutting conditions were simulated in order to investigate the influence of process variables that might be difficult or even impossible to follow in the physical experiments, particularly at this scale. 3D simulations of chip flow and temperature distribution are compared in various cutting conditions. The results of the burr formation and cutting forces predictions are compared against the experiments. The correlations were observed in terms of burr dimension trends and force profile shapes and magnitude.
Period1 Jun 2017
Event titleeuspen’s 17th International Conference & Exhibition
Event typeConference
LocationHannover, Germany
Degree of RecognitionInternational


  • 3D Finite Element Modeling
  • Micro End‐Milling
  • Cutting force
  • Chip formation
  • Burr formation