Driver training – the role of formal education in Denmark

Gitte Carstensen (Speaker)

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    Driver training – the role of formal education Discussions on driver training are often focused on external structures and not so much on actual content of training. It is also a widely accepted fact that it is difficult to demonstrate a safety effect of formal training. In Denmark private training with relatives or friends is not allowed, and great work has been put into shaping uniform and detailed rules for the content of formal training. Risk awareness is an important part of this content. These rules were introduced in 1986. Subsequently the accident rate of the 18-19-year-olds decreased, and more so than the accident rate of mature drivers. The results of an evaluation study from 1999 will be presented. The development of driver training and testing in Denmark (especially after 1986) will be pre-sented and the practical problems of introducing a detailed curriculum in a training system based on private driving schools will be discussed. Finally new Danish guidelines for the education of driver trainers will be set out.
    Place: Driver Education World Conference, SAFEX 2008 - London
    Period16 May 200818 May 2008
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