Bycatch of seabirds in Danish gillnet fisheries

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The incidental capture, or bycatch, of seabirds in gillnet fisheries has been recognised as a conservation concern for decades. Together with other anthropogenic pressures, captures of seabirds in gillnets is susceptible to affect entire bird populations, but, despite this, the magnitude of this problem is still largely unknown for numerous species across Europe. Meanwhile effective mitigation methods to reduce or suppress bycatch have yet to be found. To fill in these knowledge gaps, DTU Aqua has developed since 2010 a series of projects to assess the magnitude and spatiotemporal distribution of seabird bycatch in Danish gillnet fisheries and to propose solutions to mitigate this problem. This presentation will succinctly describe the methodology applied by DTU Aqua to monitor seabird bycatch events in Danish commercial gillnet fisheries using video-based electronic monitoring systems. Recent bycatch estimates will be presented for a few iconic species and the consequences of these bycatch levels will be briefly discussed. Moreover, some novel ideas to tackle incidental captures of air-breathing species in Danish waters will be shown.
Period29 Oct 2021
Event titleDOF Fuglefagligt Symposium: Dansk fugleforskning i et internationalt perspektiv
Event typeConference
LocationOdense, Denmark
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  • seabird
  • bycatch
  • electronic monitoring