Does Neurodiversity in New Venture Teams Enhance Performance? Investigating a New Type of Diversity in New Venture Teams

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Recent literature has emphasized the criticality of mental health for entrepreneurs (Freeman, et al., 2018). Whereas research has identified many negative implications for individuals with impaired mental health (e.g., Knecht, et al., 2015), recent research has recognized how challenges like ADHD (Wiklund et al., 2018) can lead to advantageous adaptive behavior (Miller & Le Breton-Miller, 2017). Despite the growing literature investigating mental health within entrepreneurship (Stephan, 2018), our knowledge about how neurological diversity impacts new venture teams (NVT) is scant. We adopt a strengths-based lens employing the term ‘neurodiversity’ instead of the term mental or neurological disorder (Singer, 1999). Hence, we assume that the inclusion of a team member diagnosed with neurodiversity will lead to increased performance (H1) and that this effect is enhanced for NVT team members who have undergone treatment (H2). We further propose that due to increased social support, that larger NVTs will particularly benefit from neurodiverse team members, and as such, outperform smaller teams (H3).
Period4 Jun 2020
Event titleBabson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference 2020
Event typeConference
Conference number40