Dimensional and Surface Micro/Nano Metrology for Precision Moulding Technology

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Danish title: Dimensionel og overflade mikro/nano metrologi for præcision sprøjtestøbning teknologi
English title: Dimensional and Surface Micro / Nano Metrology for Precision Moulding Technology
ECTS Credits: 30
Cooperation Companies: LEGO Aystems A/S
The forms of cooperation: The project carried out preferably at DTU
Project conducted in: Denmark
Supervisor (s): Guido Tosello (guto@mek.dtu.dk) - Danilo Quagliotti (danqua@mek.dtu.dk)
Supervisor (s) (external): Stefania Gasparin (stefania.gasparin@lego.com)
Students: 133451 (Jacek Salaga)
Period7 Sep 201515 Jan 2016