Digital Twin for Microscopy

  • Poul-Erik Hansen (Guest lecturer)
  • Lauryna Siaudinyte (Guest lecturer)
  • Astrid Tranum Rømer (Guest lecturer)
  • Karamehmedovic, M. (Guest lecturer)

Activity: Talks and presentationsConference presentations


Light-matter interplay is widely used for analyzing the topology of surfaces on small scales for use in areas such as nanotechnology, photonics, and advanced materials. Conventional optical microscope imaging methods are limited in resolution to a value comparable to the wavelength and cannot be used to measure nano-sized structures. Scatterometry is an optical method that can measure structures smaller than the wavelength. However, the relative uncertainties of the structure dimensions measured with scatterometry increase with decreasing structure size, and the industry is therefore looking for replacing scatterometry with a phase-sensitive measurement method which can overcome the problem. We demonstrate how the digital twin of a microscope may be used to simulate through-focus image plane and Fourier plane images of 1D and 2D periodic gratings with subwavelength pitches. We furthermore demonstrate that the observed symmetry in the Fourier plane together with the image-plane images may be used to determine manufacturing faults of pitch, dislocations, and defects. The image-plane images are essential and necessary for correct interpretation of the Fourier plane results.
Period7 Apr 202411 Apr 2024
Event titleSPIE Photonics Europe Conference
Event typeConference
Degree of RecognitionInternational