CRISPy-web: Design sgRNAs for CRISPR applications in microbes using an easy online tool

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Originally evolved in prokaryotes as an adaptive immune system against bacteriophages, the CRISPR/endonuclease systems now see widespread application in genome editing workflows. The most popular system at the moment uses the Streptococcus pyogenes endonuclease Cas9. To direct Cas9 to the right target, so-called single guide RNAs (sgRNAs) need to be designed for each targeted editing site. While there are many tools available to design sgRNAs for the popular model organisms, only few tools exist that allow designing sgRNAs for non-model strains. This talk will present CRISPy-web (, an easy to use web tool based on the CRISPy algorithm to design sgRNAs for any user-provided microbial genome. CRISPy-web allows researchers to interactively select a region of their genome of interest to scan for possible sgRNA. After checks for potential off-target matches, the resulting sgRNA sequences are displayed graphically and can be exported to text files. All steps and information are accessible from a web browser without the requirement to install and use command line scripts.
Period15 Mar 2016
Event titleVAAM Workshop 2016 “Biology of Bacteria Producing Natural Products”
Event typeWorkshop
Conference number2016
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