Collateral sensitivity to limit the evolution of resistance

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Bacterial resistance evolution is frequently associated with collateral sensitivity towards other antibiotics. This phenomenon opens up opportunities for rationalizing treatment strategies to overcome or limit evolution of antibiotic resistance. The challenges and opportunities within this emerging research field will be surveyed including where collateral sensitivity might be applied. One such area is in patients suffering from cystic fibrosis, which are chronically infected with Pseudomonas aeruginosa. The collateral sensitivity network of P. aeruginosa exhibits rich interactions that are conserved across a variety of clinical isolates supporting the further clinical exploration of collateral sensitivity based treatment strategies in these serious infections.
Period31 May 2018
Event titleWenner-Gren Foundations International Symposium: Antibiotic Resistance: Evolutionary Concepts versus Clinical Realities
Event typeConference
LocationStockholm, Sweden
Degree of RecognitionInternational