CIE 2014

    Activity: Attending an eventParticipating in or organising workshops, courses, seminars etc.


    List of Topics

    1 Right Lighting and Energy Efficiency

    International energy saving initiatives
    National and regional energy saving programs
    Cost effectiveness of lighting installations
    Ecological footprint of lighting

    2 Interior applications

    Efficiency and visual perception quality
    Day lighting
    Visual comfort

    3 Exterior applications

    Public acceptance

    4 Light and Vision

    Mesopic vision
    Lighting for the elderly and visually impaired
    Colour rendering

    5 Photobiological Effects

    Circadian photoreception
    Circadian responsivity
    Photobiological effects of light
    Lighting and photobiological safety

    6 Photometry and Measurements

    Measurement and testing of SSL products with special focus on OLEDs
    Luminance measurement with emphasis on imaging measurement devices
    Mesopic photometry
    Measurements of photobiological effects
    Period23 Apr 201426 Apr 2014
    Event typeConference
    LocationKuala Lumpur, MalaysiaShow on map