Christian Anker Hansen and Andreas Bille, Load estimates and foundation designs for next generation turbines, Master project

  • Rinker, J. (Main supervisor)
  • Martin Bjerre Nielsen (Supervisor)

    Activity: Examinations and supervisionSupervisor activities


    This master thesis is a collaboration between DTU and Wood Thilsted Partners. To develop foundations for the next-generation turbines, foundation designers need estimates of the loads that these turbines will exert on the foundation. To this end, this project scales a public reference turbine to a larger size to give a load estimate to be used as a preliminary design basis for foundation design. Based on how commercial wind turbines have developed in the past and state-of-the-art experience from academia, scaling laws are applied to reference turbines, to try and match an industry benchmark regarding the most critical design load cases for a monopile foundation. The scaling process is evaluated, and an estimate of the next-generation turbine and its loads are made based on different scaling scenarios and a sensitivity analysis. Finally, the loads and how they affect the foundation are evaluated.
    Period31 Jan 202230 Jun 2022