Characterization of parameters affecting the quality of view out for appropriate selection of solar shading systems

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    The building industry has during the last decades turned its focus towards a more sustainable future, thus increasing the requirements for the performance of building components including solar shading systems. The main objective of solar shading systems today is to control excess solar heating gains and prevent glare, thus ensuring the thermal and visual comfort in buildings. However, limited qualitative measures exists which makes it possible to rate their visual efficiency and performance. A measure for rating the quality of the view out and an assessment method for more complex view out situations including solar shading systems are thus proven critical.
    The main goal of this thesis is to advance the knowledge within the aspect of view out in context with solar shading. This is investigated through the main research question of this thesis, which is as follows:
    “Is the view out quality influenced by the use of solar shading systems of different characteristics, and can photometric parameters be used as indicators?”
    Period23 Aug 2021 → 23 Feb 2022
    ExamineeSara Ballegaard Laursen & Sandra Nielsen
    Degree of RecognitionNational