Ceramic processing of tubular, multilayered oxygen transport membranes (Invited)

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Pure oxygen gas supplied by ceramic oxygen transport membranes
(OTMs) can facilitate reduced CO2 emissions through more efficient
gasification or combustion processes and easier CO2 capture
and storage. For maximum oxygen flux and 100% selectivity, the
active OTM layer should be thin and dense, and have a large and
catalytically activated surface area. These requirements call for an
asymmetric OTM design with a thin, dense OTM layer (~15 μm)
sandwiched between two porous catalyst layers (~15 μm) and
mechanically supported on a porous ceramic substrate (~1 mm).
This talk pertains to our work at the Technical University of
Denmark (DTU) related to processing such multilayered ceramic
components with a tubular geometry, focusing on scalable process
technologies. This includes thermoplastic extrusion to shape the
porous, tubular support, deposition of thin dense and porous layers
by dip coating, co-sintering of these layers, and infiltration of electrocatalysts.
Material and processing considerations for two different
combinations of materials in the multilayered components will be
discussed, and performance of these components under laboratory
testing and integrated in pilot-scale biomass gasifiers will be
Period22 Jan 201727 Jan 2017
Event title41st International Conference and Expo on Advanced Ceramics and Composites
Event typeConference
LocationFlorida, United StatesShow on map
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