Bornholm Test Island

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The Danish island Bornholm is a full-scale real-life laboratory and test site for Smart Energy solutions. The island is ideal for this purpose because more than 50 % of the electricity consumption of Bornholm’s 27,000 customers comes from renewable energy, the island hosts a number of modern power and energy technologies as well as include valuable technical properties. The Bornholm power system is part of PowerLabDK, an experimental platform for electric power and energy, which integrates the Bornholm power system and the laboratories at Technical University of Denmark ( The island host several large present, past and future R&D-activities; among others EDISON, EcoGrid EU and IDE4L. The presentation will outline the activities at Bornholm and elaborate on the perspectives of Bornholm as a European Smart Grid ice breaker and role model.

About the speaker: Since 2005 Østergaard has been Head of Center for Electric Power and Energy (CEE) at Department of Electrical Engineering, Technical University of Denmark (DTU) at which time he was appointed Professor in Electric Power Engineering. After his gradution from DTU in 1995 he was 10 year in industry with Danish Energy Research and Development. His research focuses on Smart Grid technologies with main contributions within services from demand side, advanced control of wind power plants, and fast real-time stability and security assessment. He serves in several national and international boards and committees. He has developed the center to its current level with 95 employees and been responsible for building up PowerLabDK ( including labs at DTU and the Bornholm Island.
Period9 Oct 2013
Event title2013 4th IEEE PES Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Europe
Event typeConference
Conference number4
LocationLyngby, Denmark