Biofuel Sustainability: Case studies from Latin America, Africa, Asia

  • Emmanuel Ackom (Invited speaker)

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    Discussions of economic development will always have industrialization, modernization and urbanization in the equation. But as this generation is a product of past environmental transgressions, we are now all inclined to include environmental sustainability in the picture. We now not only refer economic development to quantitative and qualitative progress in the economy, community and society, but we now also have to consider the kind of natural environment we would be leaving for future generations. Industrialization, modernization and urbanization translate to an insatiable thirst for energy but as demand for energy grow, so do the greenhouse gas emissions. If the aspiration of development is to raise living standards, provide proper access to modern energy services, more efficient use of energy to protect the global environment and ensure reliable energy supplies, then Green Sustainable Development must play a key role. Incorporating elements of low-carbon green growth in economic strategies that would cover technological, financial and investment aspects, as well as national and regional energy development policies geared towards achieving a sustainable green future has now become more important. A low-carbon based type of economy will help mitigate environmental pollution and CO2 emissions caused by fossil fuel use, help reduce reliance to dwindling fossil reserves, and encourage technological innovations.

    The 2014 International Conference and Utility Exhibition on: Green Energy for Sustainable Development on 19-21 March 2014 in Pattaya City, Thailand was to exchange research ideas, experiences, technical, social, financial, economic and policy issues covering greening energy utilization. Here, energy professionals, policy makers, researchers, members of the academe, engineers, members of the energy supply sector, etc., had a platform to showcase research findings, technological innovations, transformative emerging technologies, and even to discuss burning global, regional and national issues in energy utilization for development and environment policies and programmes.

    Period19 Mar 201421 Mar 2014
    Event titleICUE 2014: Green Energy for Sustainability Development
    Event typeConference
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