Better but is it good enough? Absolute sustainability requirements and how they challenge the food sector

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    In a world with a rapidly growing population, increasing standards of living and pressing needs to reduce human impacts on environment and climate UN’s member states have agreed on a global sustainable development agenda towards 2030. A sustainable development calls for vast improvements in the eco-efficiency of our food production systems (more people fed with considerably less environmental impact), and Life cycle assessment (LCA) is introduced as a tool to measure eco-efficiency and help gauge the environmental dimension of sustainability. The presentation gives an introduction to life cycle assessment as a tool to determine eco-efficiency of our technologies and help optimizing their functionality and minimizing their negative environmental impacts. It discusses the sustainability challenge that faces food production in the future and demonstrates the need to go beyond eco- efficiency, and goes on to discuss absolute boundaries for environmental sustainability, metrics for gauging our solutions against these boundaries. Possible conflicts between food safety and sustainability are discussed together with ways to address them based on a combined assessment of risk and sustainability
    Period1 Nov 20172 Nov 2017
    Event title11th Annual China International Food Safety & Quality Conference
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