Atv-semapp micro-nano moulding: technologies and applications

David Maximilian Marhöfer (Speaker)

Activity: Talks and presentationsConference presentations


Title: Advancements on the simulation of the micro injection moulding process Abstract: Process simulations are applied in micro injection moulding with the same purpose as in conventional injection moulding: optimization and support of the design of mould, inserts, parts, and process. Commercial software is however not well suited for micro injection moulding. The software is developed for macro plastic parts and it is therefore limited in the capability of modelling the polymer flow in micro cavities properly. Nonetheless, current developments of the simulation technology brought up new opportunities for improved accuracy. In this speech, new strategies and aspects for comprehensive simulation models which provide more precise results for micro injection moulding are discussed. Modelling and meshing recommendations are presented, leading to a multi-scale mesh of all relevant process and system units of micro injection moulding. The implementation and influence of process boundary conditions (e.g. venting, machine behaviour) on simulations results are described. Ultimately, the importance of cooling simulations settings is addressed.

ATV-SEMAPP micro-nano moulding: technologies and applications. 3rd MicroNano Moulding ATV-SEMAPP Seminar.
Period13 Nov 2013
Event titleAtv-semapp micro-nano moulding: technologies and applications: 3rd MicroNano Moulding ATV-SEMAPP Seminar
Event typeSeminar
LocationKgs. Lyngby, Denmark