ARQNL 2018

  • Anders Schlichtkrull (Participant)

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Formalization of a Paraconsistent Infinite-Valued Logic

Speaker: Anders Schlichtkrull

Abstract: Classical logics are explosive -- from a contradiction everything follows. This is problematic e.g. when reasoning about contradictory evidence. In paraconsistent logics everything does not follow from a contradiction. In this paper, formalized proofs of two meta-theorems about a propositional fragment of a paraconsistent infinite-valued higher-order logic are presented. One implies that the validity of any formula can be decided by considering a finite number of truth values and evaluating the formula in all models over these. The other implies that there is no upper bound on the size of this finite set -- it depends on the number of propositional symbols in the formula.

Talk "Formalization of a Paraconsistent Infinite-Valued Logic" at ARQNL 2018 in Oxford
Period18 Jul 2018
Event typeConference
LocationOxford, United Kingdom