Arieties of cross-modal interactions and multi-sensory integration effects: Invited lecture at Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg, Germany

Andersen, T. (Lecturer)

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When two or more senses provide information about a single attribute of the environment the brain can integrate information across the senses in a process of multisensory integration. This effect is particularly striking when it influences categorical judgments as in the McGurk illusion where an acoustic speech segment, which is clearly perceived as /ba/ can be perceived as /da/ when dubbed onto a video of a talker saying /ga/. In addition to multisensory integration, the senses influence each other in a number of ways. Information in one sensory modality can, for example, guide attention in another sensory modality. In this presentation I will go through a number of studies of audiovisual perception with categorical judgments. I will discuss how experimental design and computational modelling can help tease apart some of the many varieties of multisensory integration and cross-modal interactions.
Period29 Nov 2013
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