Antoinette Françoise Reddingius, Wind turbine control for resonance bridging in a tri-floater offshore wind turbine, Master project

  • Rinker, J. (Main supervisor)
  • Daniel Zalkind (Supervisor)
  • Anand Ashok (Supervisor)

    Activity: Examinations and supervisionSupervisor activities


    A floating wind turbine controller requires control of the blade pitch angles and generator torque under wave and wind conditions, without exciting any eigenmodes. This master’s thesis, which is a collaboration between DTU and GustoMSC, researches wind turbine control for eigenmodes of the floater and tower of a tri-floater offshore wind turbine. A control strategy is developed which does not interfere with floater rigid body modes and additionally ‘skips’ the operating range near this 1st towermode - also referred to as resonance bridging – while having minimal impact on energy yield and structural response of the system. This control strategy is made using the ROSCO controller.
    Period1 Mar 20221 Aug 2022