Advancement of the research project on water and health in Greenlandic settlements

  • Judith Yvonne Aline Marechal (Guest lecturer)
  • Jensen, P. E. (Lecturer)

    Activity: Talks and presentationsConference presentations


    The PhD research on the Influence of water systems on human health in Greenlandic settlements aims to
    identify any possible health impacts of the current water treatment, delivery and disposal systems in
    Greenlandic settlements. A first phase of the work consists in a statistical analysis of health and
    infrastructure data in the settlements.
    A second phase will see fieldwork conducted in a number of settlements, taking water samples and testing
    them for a series of characteristics, including in particular the presence of bacteria/E.coli. Interviews will
    also be led at the same time to establish trends in practices, preferences, and perceptions of water use and
    The overall goal of this research is to establish whether a health risk is posed by the existing system, and
    make recommendations on how to improve it – should the need arise – in a manner appropriate to both
    health improvement and cultural preferences.
    Period31 Oct 2020
    Held atUniversity of Greenland, Greenland
    Degree of RecognitionInternational