A Smart Energy System without Fusil Fuels: Smart Grid Technologies enabling a Secure, Efficient and Sustainable Energy System

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    Electricity will play an increasingly important role in a future energy system based on renewable energy. It is expected that electricity will double to cover 70% of the total Danish energy system in 2050 where all fusil fuels should be phased out and the energy system be 100% based on renewable energy sources. A major transformation of the electricity system into a more intelligent infrastructure is a prerequisite of a cost efficient transition to renewable energy. Therefore a major focus on Smart Grid R&D exists in Denmark. This presentation will provide insight into some of the technical solutions which are under development at Technical University of Denmark.

    The presentation will show how distributed energy resources and flexible demand can contribute to the power system balancing. An approach based on two specific control concepts, Frequency controlled demand and a 5-minute real-time market, will be presented. The associated attractive business cases will be presented.

    Furthermore results from large-scale demonstrations of several Smart Grid technologies at the island of Bornholm and the world-class PowerLabDK experimental facilities will be presented. The Bornholm power system has 27,000 electricity customers (55 MW peak load) and 50% renewable energy penetration; hereof 33% wind power penetration in the electricity system. The largest demonstration involves 2,000 customers.

    Bio, Prof. Jacob Østergaard:
    Jacob Østergaard (JØ) received his degree in Electrical Engineering from Technical University of Denmark in 1995. Since 2005 Jacob Østergaard has been Professor in Electric Power Engineering and head of Center for Electric Power and Energy at Department of Electrical Engineering, Technical University of Denmark (www.cee.elektro.dtu.dk). With approx. 100 employees the center is one of the largest European research groups within power and energy. Earlier he has been in the industry with Research Institute of Danish Electric Utilities.

    His research focuses on smart energy technology, including integration of renewable energy sources, active distribution grids and power system operation and control. He is the driving force behind large national and international projects, including the European EcoGrid EU project, in which he has developed novel methods for operating power systems through market-based integration of end users. The project was in 2012 awarded by Sustainia as the world’s “Best sustainable IT-solution”. JØ has been the dynamo for establishing of one of world’s most advanced and comprehensive experimental facilities for energy systems of the future, PowerLabDK (www.powerlab.dk), with unique close coupling between physical experiments, computer simulations and real-life full-scale renewable-based energy system, which is included in the experiments.

    JØ has received several awards including the IBM Faculty Award in 2009. He serves in several boards and committees. This includes appointments for the European Commission and the Danish Minister for Climate and Energy. He is author and co-author of more than 160 peer reviewed scientific papers, 14 book chapters and more than 50 technical reports.
    Period9 Mar 2014
    Event titleKolloquium at Masdar Institute
    Event typeSeminar
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