A rich two-echelon electric vehicle routing problem with satellite versatility

Pacino, D. (Speaker), Satya Sarvani Malladi (Other), Jonas Mark Christensen (Other), Larsen, A. (Other)

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This talk studies a Two-Echelon Electric Vehicle Routing problem, aimed at enabling urban electromobility of freight. The first echelon consists of routing trucks carrying goods to parking lots (satellite location) from depots. The truck will stay at the parking lot for an amount of time and thereafter continues on its route. The second echelon concerns the routing of smaller electric vehicles, originating at the satellite locations, to serve all customers. At the beginning of the day, a number of electric vehicles are available at each satellite location. In this work we do not require the small vehicles to return to the same satellite at the end of the day, and they can visit any satellite to get replenished with additional goods en-route. However, they can only be replenished at a satellite if there is a truck at the time. This requires continuous synchronization between the first echelon routing and the second echelon routing. Along with acting as a source of goods for the electric vehicles, the trucks will also provide spare batteries and battery swapping services giving the electric vehicles a driving range boost. However, regular charging stations are also available for en-route charging. In this talk, we wish to formally describe this problem, how it differs from most two-echelon VRPs and present preliminary results.
Period23 Jun 201926 Jun 2019
Event title30th European Conference On Operational Research
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Event typeConference
Conference number30
LocationDublin, Ireland
Degree of RecognitionInternational