7th International Conference

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    Destruction of DBPs and their precursors in swimming pool water by combined UV-treatment and ozonation

    The study aim was to investigate the effect of a combined treatment system on DBP formation. As both ozone and chlorine preferably react with electrophilic groups in compounds, we hypothesise that reactivity to chlorine, created by the UV treatment of dissolved organic matter in pool water, might also mean that there is increased reactivity to ozone and that ozonation might remove the chlorine reactivity created by UV treatment. Therefore, we first performed an experiment to range-find the effect of swimming pool water UV activation on chlorine reactivity. Secondly, an experiment was carried out to characterise the effect of adding various doses of ozone to pool water, with or without UV pre-treatment, before chlorination to study the effect on chlorine reactivity and the formation of chlorination by-products. Finally, the possible effect on chlorination by-product formation was investigated by a repeated, combined UV-ozone treatment interchanged with chlorination (repeated cycles of UV followed by ozone with subsequent chlorination). Toxicity estimation was used to evaluate water quality.
    Period2 May 20175 May 2017
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