6th Wind Energy Systems Workshop ( WES Workshop); 6: SimBa Intra-hour Simulation of the Power Balances

  • Marisciel Litong-Palima (Speaker)

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    Energinet.dk is working to find out how future development of the energy system, which implies a new combination of production sources, will affect the system balance and what the future costs of balancing this system will be. In order to be able to give a qualified answer to these questions, a new model called SimBa has been developed. SimBa models the intra-hour balancing of the power system and is based on the Danish principles of balancing. Traditionally, modelling issues have put the main focus on calculating hourly energy values, while intra-hourly modelling attracted little attention. SimBa has closed this gap.
    Place: H.H. Koch Auditorium, DTU - Risø Campus Roskilde
    Period8 Nov 2011
    Held atUnknown


    • SimBa – the (Wind) FORECASTS