68th Semi-Annual ETSAP Meeting

Giada Venturini (Speaker)

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    Abstract: The challenging task of adequately including sociological aspects as human behaviours related to transport in economy-energy-environment models, may enable an inclusive representation of the system under analysis, thus providing results which are closer to reality. This work represents a preliminary review of energy systems models where a sufficiently detailed representation of the transport sector is present. This in particular allows to study which transport-related behaviours are modelled in energy system models and which methods are adopted, with the aim of comprehensively understand the opportunities and challenges of such implementation in TIMES-DK. The analysis firstly provides a classification of economy-energy-environment models, according to the level of integration of the transport system, here emphasizing the need for clarifying the aggregation level required in the representation of the transport system in order to include human behaviours. The study subsequently reviews above 25 models where different transport-related behaviours were accounted for, highlighting on the one side the focus and direction of the current research and on the other side the overlooked aspects. The work thus offers a contribution in this research area, providing an updated overview of selected transport-related behaviours and the different possibilities for representing them in integrated energy and transport models.

    Presentation: Modelling Behaviour in Integrated Energy and Transport Models - A review
    Period22 Oct 201523 Oct 2015
    Event title68th Semi-Annual ETSAP Meeting
    Event typeConference
    LocationSophia Antipolis, France