456. Vilhelm und Else Heraeus Seminar

  • Kristian Nielsen (Participant)

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    Terahertz time-domain spectroscopy: 456. Wilhelm & Else Heraeus Seminar – Terahertz Generation, Detection and Applications

    In the past 20 years the technique now known as Terahertz Time-Domain Spectroscopy (THz-TDS) has had a tremendous impact on the development of the terahertz research field. The technique has the capability of simultaneous measurement of the real and imaginary part of the transfer function of a sample over a wide frequency range, only limited by the technology of the generation and detection process of the THz light. With his functionality, THz-TDS results can be expressed as any of the complex optical quantities – the complex index of refraction (ñ=n+iK), the complex permittivity (ἒ=ℇ'+iℇ"), or the complex conductivity (Ȭ=O'+O"). This very general capability leads to applications in a wide range of scientific disciplines, including solid-state physics, aqueous chemistry, and biophysics. In addition, the use of THz-TDS is being pursued in a wide range of application areas such as the food industry, non-destructive testing, imaging, and contact-free characterization of materials. In this presentation the principles of THz-TDS will be discussed, with examples of recent scientific applications of the technique, such as the use of THz-TDS in studies of Debye-like relaxation processes in aqueous solutions. The development of new photonic components for guiding of THz radiation, and in particular low-loss, dispersion-tailored polymer-based microstructured optical fibers, will also be addressed. The time-resolved nature of THz-TDS is a unique property which in a fundamental manner distinguishes THz-TDS from other spectroscopic techniques in the far infrared. We will discuss methods for broadband THz-frequency characterization of materials with a time resolution of less than one picosecond, with emphasis on accuracy in the data acquisition.
    Place: Bad Honnef, Germany
    Period18 Apr 201021 Apr 2010
    Event typeSeminar
    Conference number456
    LocationBad Honnef, Germany, North Rhine-WestphaliaShow on map