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A method for active control over the interaction between the free convection flow around occupant‘s body and locally applied airflow from front on the velocity field at the breathing zone of a seated person was studied. A workplace equipped with personalised ventilation (PV) generating flow from front/above against the face of a thermal manikin with realistic body shape and surface temperature distribution (used to resemble a seated human body) was set in a climate chamber (4.70 m x 1.62 m x 2.60 m). The air temperature in the chamber was kept at 20 0C. Ceiling diffuser supplied ventilation air at 15 l/s. The PV air was supplied isothermally at 4, 6 or 8 L/s. The PV diffuser with diameter 0.18 m, was located at distance 0.4 m from the face of the manikin. The distance between the lower chest of the manikin and the front edge of the desk was 0.1 m. Box with 6 small computer fans (suction box) was installed below the table board, above the thighs of the manikin, and was used to exhaust the air of the free convection flow coming from the lower body parts of the manikin. The velocity field at the breathing zone was measured with Particle Image Velocimetry consisting of a dual cavity laser and two CCD cameras. The maximum absolute mean velocity measured in the convective layer at the mouth of the manikin was 0.20 m/s and was reduced to 0.09 m/s when the suction box was used. Thus the weakend boundary layer can be penetrated by the PV flow at the lowered velocity. The use of the suction box and the PV at 4 L/s resulted in the same velocity at the breathing zone as when only PV was used at 6 L/s. The maximum absolu
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationRoomvent 2011
Number of pages8
Publication date2011
StatePublished - 2011
EventRoomvent - 12th International Conference on Air Distribution in Rooms - Trondheim, Norway


ConferenceRoomvent - 12th International Conference on Air Distribution in Rooms


  • Convection flow, Active control, Personalized ventilation, Airflow interaction
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