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The cod stocks in Kattegat have for the last decade been at a critical level and ICES recommends a 0-TAC for cod. There is an economically important fishery for primary Nephrops and flatfish in Kattegat in which cod are caught as by-catch. The aim of the project is to develop and test a cod selective topless trawl design in the Nephrops directed fishery in Kattegat to allow an economically feasible fishery with a minimal by-catch of cod. The design idea is based on utilizing behavioral differences between the species where most fish stay low in the trawl but where gadoid species, like cod, raise further aft in the gear and therefore can escape above the cut back headline. The top of the trawl is cut 10-20 meters back which allow cod to escape above the headline. The catch of flatfish and Nephrops is not expected to be affected by the design change due to their strong behavioral preference for the lower part of the gear.

The project is coordinated by DTU Aqua.



  • Research area: Fisheries Technology
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